Comprehensive survey study on fifth-generation wireless network and the internet of things




Internet of Things, IoT, 5G, Next-generation protocol, Communication technologies


Internet of Things is the interconnection of different components so that it should be able to communicate to each other to achieve a common goal. Therefore, for these components to communicate there will be a need of the communication Technologies. With the coming in of 5G wireless Network which provide more ability over the 2G,3G, 4G and other communication technologies. In this survey paper focuses much on what have been done before with 5G wireless Network in relation to Internet of Things, Application of 5G IoT, it also describes the various challenges which may arise when implementing it and the research questions. The next-generation protocol that will help to alleviate the current challenges which have been encountered. This paper will analyze the comprehensive survey on fifth-generation wireless network and Internet of Things from different papers and this will help to map the way forward on what best can apply 5G and other protocols in Internet of things.


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Author Biography

Arthur Nathaniel Mwang'onda, University of Rwanda

African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things, College of Science and  Technology, University of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda


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