NOSIoT NFC-based solution


  • Joana Sousa NOS Inovação
  • Nuno Faria NOS Inovação
  • José Martins NOS Inovação
  • Pedro Antunes NOS Inovação
  • João Ferreira NOS Inovação



IoT, Energy efficient IoT, Smart home, Sustainable Office, Smart workstations


One of the most perplexing discoveries from COVID-19 pandemic was the office building overall energy consumption failing to appreciably drop once staff began working from home. Also, we are witnessing an exponential growing of IoT ecosystem but most of them have been implemented for personal usage rather in an enterprise environment. The big challenge in installing a large-scale IoT ecosystem at enterprise level resides on costs, the selection of proper devices, and the management of these devices and users.

NOSIoT NFC-based solution consists of a simple mobile application that will read an NFC tag in a specific workstation. The communication and management are performed through Home Assistant. All the information is stored into a database to calculate the energy consumed by each workstation.

The solution provides an innovative approach for enterprise level, delivering a low-cost end-to-end flow with high flexibility, and easy “Tap&Go”. This allows companies to be more climate-friendly and positively contribute for green buildings.


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J. Sousa, N. Faria, J. Martins, P. Antunes, and J. Ferreira, “NOSIoT NFC-based solution”, EAI Endorsed Trans IoT, vol. 8, no. 3, p. e4, Oct. 2022.