An IoT Implemented Dynamic Air Pollution Monitoring System




Internet of Things, Arduino Uno, Air Pollution, Cloud Environment


In recent years, pollution of air has become a critical concern in many urban areas, causing serious health problems and environmental damage. To address this issue, an Internet-of-Things (IoT)-based air pollution monitoring system was proposed. The mechanism was designed to measure various air quality parameters such as temperature, humidity, various gases, microbes, and light intensity in real time. The proposed sys-tem consists of sensor nodes, a gateway, WIFI module, an LCD display, and a cloud server. The sensor nodes were placed at different locations to measure air quality parameters, and the data were transmitted to the gateway via wireless communication. The gateway aggregates the data from the sensor nodes and sends them to the cloud server for further analysis and processing. The cloud server processes the data, and the system also includes a web interface that displays data on the pollution levels of the air in real time. The sys-tem can also send alerts to users when the air quality is poor, allowing them to take the necessary precautions. This system could assist decision-makers in taking appropriate measures to alleviate air pollution and safeguard the health of the community by providing real-time information about air quality. The system was evaluated in a real-world environment and the results demonstrated its effectiveness in providing accurate and reliable air quality information. The proposed system has the potential to be used in various applications, including public health and environmental monitoring, and can be integrated with other IoT devices to enhance their functionality.


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