SMART REPELLER: A Smart system to prevent Rhesus Macaque Trespassing in Human Settlements and Agricultural Areas




Rhesus macaque, IoT, Calcium Carbide Cannon, Ultrasonic sound


Rhesus macaque trespassing is a widespread problem where wild Rhesus macaque monkeys enter human settlements and agricultural areas, causing various issues such as property damage, food theft, and health risks to humans. These primates also cause significant economic losses by raiding crops, damaging plants, and disrupting the natural balance of the ecosystem. To address this problem, a research paper proposes a technology-based solution called Smart Repeller, which uses ultrasonic sound waves and Calcium Carbide Cannon, along with computer vision technology and artificial intelligence to detect the presence of monkeys and activate repelling mechanisms automatically. The proposed device eliminates the need for human intervention, making it efficient and cost-effective. Our paper aims to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed device through experimental studies and simulations, with the ultimate goal of providing a practical and scalable solution to mitigate the problem of Rhesus macaque trespassing in human settlements and agricultural areas.


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