I-CVSSDM: IoT Enabled Computer Vision Safety System for Disaster Management


  • Parameswaran Ramesh Anna University, Chennai image/svg+xml
  • Vidhya N Anna University, Chennai image/svg+xml
  • Panjavarnam B Sri Sairam Engineering College
  • Shabana Parveen M Sri Sairam Engineering College
  • Deepak Athipan A M B Anna University, Chennai image/svg+xml
  • Bhuvaneswari P T V Anna University, Chennai image/svg+xml




IoT, SSD, Mobi Net, Raspberry pi, Alert System


INTRODUCTION: Around the world, individuals experience flooding more frequently than any other natural calamity.

OBJECTIVES: The motivation behind this research is to provide an Internet of Things (IoT)-based early warning assistive system to enable monitoring of water logging levels in flood-affected areas. Further, the SSD-MobiNET V2 model is used in the developed system to detect and classify the objects that prevail in the flood zone.

METHODS: The developed research is validated in a real-time scenario. To enable this, a customized embedded module is designed and developed using the Raspberry Pi 4 model B processor. The module uses (i) a pi-camera to capture the objects and (ii) an ultrasonic sensor to measure the water level in the flood area.

RESULTS: The measured data and detected objects are periodically ported to the cloud and stored in the cloud database to enable remote monitoring and further processing.

CONCLUSION: Also, whenever the level of waterlogged exceeds the threshold, an alert is sent to the concerned authorities in the form of an SMS, a phone call, or an email.


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