Safety Wearable for Miners


  • M Ramya Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  • G Puvaneswari Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  • R Kalaivani Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  • K Shesathri Coimbatore Institute of Technology



Miners, Safety Measures, Sensors, Precautions, Internet of Things



INTRODUCTION: Mining is the process of extraction of valuable minerals, ores and other non-renewable resources from the Earth’s surface. The mining industry is known for its hazardous and highly risky working environment.

OBJECTIVES: The mining industry is involved in the extraction of these geological materials, which is essential for the development of the country and its economy. However, this industry comes with its fair share of risks and dangers. Recent statistics show that around 100 miners fall victim to the harsh working conditions every year.

METHODS: Explosions due to Methane and coal dust followed by roof collapses, mine fires, gas outburst, blasting accidents, poisoning and suffocation are the major reasons out of these few of them causes deaths inside the mines.

RESULTS: Even though many precautions are suggested, and measures have been taken to improve the safety of the miners and to improve the work environment, but mines are still unpredictable, and accidents are also recorded then and there.

CONCLUSION: The existing safety technologies and measures have either failed to monitor multiple vital features that could lead to fatalities, or to provide adequate and appropriate rescue resources in time to help the miners in danger.


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