Adaptive-Duplex Relay Selection for Cooperative Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks




Cooperative NOMA, relay selection, adaptive-duplex relaying, outage performance


To further improve the spectral efficiency of the cooperative non-orthogonalmultiple access (NOMA) network with half-duplex (HD) relaying and avoid the zero diversity gain due to the imperfect self interference estimation at high signa-to-noise ratio (SNR) value with full-duplex (FD) relaying, this paper developed a novel two-stage relay selection for a two-user multi-relay cooperative NOMA systems with adaptive-duplex (AD) relaying which can switch opportunistically between HD and FD relaying modes. An adaptive duplex
based on a fixed power allocation factor relay selection (AD-FPA-RS) scheme for cooperative NOMA networks is proposed in this paper, the relay can switch the work mode to the FD or HD state adaptively according to the current channel state information and the result of decode at the relay. Furthermore, the exact outage probability for the proposed AD-FPA-RS scheme is obtained in a closed-form expression. The simulation and numerical results show that the proposed AD-FPA-RS scheme not only outperforms the existing HD-FPARS and FD-FPA-RS schemes in terms of outage behavior significantly but also can obtain full diversity gain without the floor outage performance at high SNR region.


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J. Zhao and X. He, “Adaptive-Duplex Relay Selection for Cooperative Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks”, EAI Endorsed Trans IoT, vol. 10, May 2024.