Design and Implementation of an IOT-based Smart Home Automation System in Real World Scenario




Home Automation, Node MCU ESP-8266 Module, Wi-Fi Module, IoT, Voice-Controlled


INTRODUCTION: Automation developments have significantly increased general convenience in modern technology. Our study focuses on developing and deploying an Internet of Things (IoT)–enabled smart home automation system that maximizes energy efficiency and improves convenience in residential settings. Our technology provides homes with an intelligent environment by smoothly combining several sensors, actuators, and communication protocols. We explore the challenges of creating a reliable and useful smart home system
that works well in everyday situations. We investigate the difficulties, architectural issues, communication protocols, and security features specific to these systems.
OBJECTIVES: This project aims to use a database server and Wi-Fi module to develop an effective and reasonably priced smart home automation system. It improves accessibility and convenience by enabling smartphone voice control of household appliances.
METHODS: This project was developed using various implementation techniques, including wireless home automation via GSM technology, speech recognition-based systems, Blynk, and the Internet of Things. These techniques added up to a reliable and effective smart home system.
RESULTS: Although it improved user routines, the IoT-based smart home system had latency problems. Interoperability issues are still present. Improvements were guided by user input. Using Blynk, our software manages loads remotely.
CONCLUSION: A home automation system that is inexpensive and locally supplied can effectively operate household appliances. It is adaptable, scalable, and a component of future smart homes. IoT applications in real life revolutionize convenience and efficiency in living environments.


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