Privacy Preserving Authentication of IoMT in Cloud Computing


  • Garima Misra
  • B. Hazela
  • B.K. Chaurasia



FIDO2 (Fast IDentity Online), WebAuthn (Web Authentication), IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), ECDAA (ECC based DAA algorithm)


INTRODUCTION: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) blends the healthcare industry with the IoT ecosystem and enables the creation, collection, transmission, and analysis of medical data through IoT networking. IoT networks consist of various healthcare IT systems, healthcare sensors, and healthcare management software.
OBJECTIVES: The IoMT breathes new life into the healthcare system by building a network that is intelligent, accessible, integrated, and effective. Privacy-preserving authentication in IoMT is difficult due to the distributed communication environment of heterogeneous IoMT devices. Although there has been numerous research on potential IoMT device authentication methods, there is still more to be done in terms of user authentication to deliver long-term IoMT solutions. However, password handling is one of the big challenges of IoMT.
METHODS: In this paper, we present an IoMT-related online password-less authentication technique that is quick, effective, and safe. In order to offer cross-platform functionality, the article includes a simulation of FIDO2/WebAuthn, one of the most recent standards for a password-less authentication mechanism.
RESULTS: This makes it easier to secure user credentials and improve them while preserving anonymity. The IoMT device authentication process and registration process delays are also assessed.
CONCLUSION: Results and simulations show that the efficacy of the proposed mechanism with quick authentication on cloud servers may be accomplished with the fewest registration and authentication procedures, regardless of device setup.


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