Real-Time Remote-Controlled Human Manipulation Medical Robot Using IoT Module




IoT, Robotics, Healthcare, Remote


INTRODUCTION: Innovative robotics and advanced computer vision technology converge in the Human Manipulation-Controlled Robot, utilized for medical applications. The robot operates through human gestures, and includes a camera module for real-time visual feedback, enhancing its functionality and user interaction.

OBJECTIVES: The primary goal of the research was to harness the natural expressiveness of human gestures to provide a more intuitive and engaging method of controlling medical robots. The focus is on enabling precise control through programmed responses to specific gestures, ensuring effective interaction with medical tasks.

METHODS: The robot’s hardware configuration consists of a mobile platform with motorized components, an ESP32 module, gesture recognition sensors and a camera modules. The ESP32 module interprets signals from gesture recognition sensors to execute precise commands for the robot's movements and actions. Simultaneously, the camera module captures live footage, providing visual feedback through an intuitive interface for seamless interaction.

RESULTS: The Human Manipulation-Controlled Robot has been successfully developed, featuring a fetch arm capable of autonomous movement and object manipulation. This research address critical needs in medical centers, demonstrating the feasibility of using only minimalistic EEG electrode wireless transmission to operate a robot effectively. 

CONCLUSION: Through the provision of a more intuitive and engaging method of controlling and interacting with medical robots, this innovation has the potential to significantly improve user experience. It represents a most important development in medical robotic vehicles, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency through advanced human-robot interaction techniques.


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