Context-Aware Mobility in Internet of Thing: A Survey




IoT, Context-Aware in IoT, Mobility in IoT, MobilityFirst


The rapid growth in Internet of Thing (IoT) yields big data that require management, computing, authentication, and analysis. In the first step of IoT, the static things are connected together such as: sensors, cameras, vending machine and so on. The things just need static IP address to manage and collect data easily. The next step of IoT, the mobile things such as: cellphones, patients, vehicles and so on are more diÿcult. Besides the dynamic IP, the mobility things yield challenges to mobile data collection, mobile data analysis, energy management, and security and privacy. In this paper, we make a survey of context-aware mobility in IoT. First, The mobile data collection means the contexts of users that are collected due to cellphone, or google android devices, have ability to send a signal over mobile network. Next, The mobile data analysis helps to classify the context for authenticating and analyzing. The energy management helps battery of devices to work in the long time and improve effect of the communication in IoT. All processes need a framework as MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture. The final challenge in IoT is security and privacy infrastructure when the mobile things move from one area to another.




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Tuan Anh V, Quoc Cuong P, Cong Vinh P. Context-Aware Mobility in Internet of Thing: A Survey. EAI Endorsed Trans Context Aware Syst App [Internet]. 2019 Mar. 18 [cited 2024 Jun. 23];6(16):e4. Available from:

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