Querying Object-Oriented Databases Based on Signature Graph and n-ary Tree


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  • Truong Cong Tuan Hue University image/svg+xml
  • Huynh Trong Duc Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College




Object-oriented query, object signature, signature file, signature graph


In this paper, we suggest a new technique to create index helping for querying almost identical similarities with keywords in case there is no correct match found. It’s based on a signature graph and n-ary tree helping to query related information when there is no correct match. Main idea is a signature graph structure, created based on signature file, created for a layer and signature files are arranged as a hierarchical system according to nested structure of layers. This technique helps to decrease effectively search space, so therefore it will improve effectively complexity of query time. More than that, we develop query algorithm on signature graph based on Chen and partners method [3] suggested, thereby helping to improve query time on signature graph better.




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Minh Bao T, Cong Tuan T, Trong Duc H. Querying Object-Oriented Databases Based on Signature Graph and n-ary Tree. EAI Endorsed Trans Context Aware Syst App [Internet]. 2016 Feb. 12 [cited 2024 Jun. 14];3(7):e4. Available from: https://publications.eai.eu/index.php/casa/article/view/1994