Human Object Detection based on Context Awareness in the Surroundings


  • Nguyen Thanh Binh Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology image/svg+xml



Human Object Detection, Curvelet Transform, Support Vector Machine


Surveillance system has been applied in providing public security for many complex places like railway stations, bus stops, etc. In most cases, human object detection is an important task in surveillance system. In the case that human objects are occlusion or outdoor environment, human objects detection is a challenging problem. In this paper, we propose a method to implement for human object detection based on context awareness in new wavelet generation domain in outdoor environment. We use curvelet transform based on context awareness combined with support vector machines as a classifier for human detection. The proposed method was tested on a standard dataset like PEST2001 dataset. For demonstrating the superiority of the proposed method, we have compared the results with the other recent methods available in literature.




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