Modified Virtual Air Guitar: A Concept Realized using Image Processing Techniques


  • J. R. Santiago Santa Clara University image/svg+xml
  • S. J. Samuel Xavier Institute of Engineering
  • R. Sawn Xavier Institute of Engineering



Virtual Air Guitar (VAG), Image Processing, Color Tracking, Karplus Strong Algorithm (KSA)


Even amidst the hustle and bustle of busy lives, numerous people dream of playing a musical instrument. Unfortunately, many may never get a chance to touch one. But this doesn’t stop them from ‘air drumming’ or playing ‘air guitar’ passionately while listening to their favorite tunes. To encourage this passion for music, especially in the absence of a real instrument, we introduce to you the Virtual Air Guitar. This application allows one to showcase their guitar skills, regardless of their knowledge of playing a real guitar. It uses color tracking to detect inputs and a sound module incorporating the Karplus Strong algorithm to generate musical notes as an output. As a result, a simple webcam and brightly colored gloves are required to use the application. This application has enormous potential as a base for interactive guitar games, teaching music, and of course, to compose guitar based songs.




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