A Review on Quantum Computing Trends & Future Perspectives





Quantum Computing, Network, Cryptography


Over the last decade, there has been an exponential growth in high-performance computing. Computing such as cloud and fog computing is gaining popularity, whereas, Cloud computing is a computing organization where a large number of systems are connected to the internet for application, data, and storage services. Quantum computing is the use of quantum-mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to perform computation. In this paper, we describe the basic concept, history of quantum computing and development in network and cryptography, and future game design based on quantum. Specifically, we present the latest development in quantum networking and cryptography. Finally, we discuss the current research solutions and open issues for future research in quantum computing.




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A. Laghari, H. Shah, R. Laghari, K. Kumar, A. Waqan, and A. Jumani, “A Review on Quantum Computing Trends & Future Perspectives”, EAI Endorsed Trans Cloud Sys, vol. 7, no. 22, p. e1, May 2022.