Development of a Multifactor-Security-Protocol System Using Ambient Noise Synthesis




Multifactor-Authentication, One-Time-Passkey (OTP), Security systems, Bluetooth connectivity, Sound-synthesis, Cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT)


The escalating cases of security threats on the global scene, especially in the cyberspace, demands urgent need to deploy sophisticated measures to mitigate these calamitous threats. To this end, various lock mechanisms have been developed and deployed to prevent access to control systems from potential intruders. This paper provides a solution to this pervasive problem, addressing concerns on the physical and virtual components of an access control system. A locally generated One-Time-Passkeys (OTPs) was created, leveraging ambient noise as entropy input. The system was deployed on an Arduino microcontroller embedded in a safe-cabinet secured with a 12V solenoid lock. The design was implemented and tested against standard metrics. Results achieved include algorithmic optimizations of existing local OTP protocol implementations, and the realization of a safe lock module, which interfaces with a mobile application developed on Android over a secured Bluetooth connection.




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Lucky Imoize, A. ., Samuel Ben-Adeola, B. ., & Adetunji Adebisi, J. . (2020). Development of a Multifactor-Security-Protocol System Using Ambient Noise Synthesis. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety, 6(22), e4.