Facilitating Healthcare Sector through IoT: Issues, Challenges, and Its Solutions





IoT, healthcare, Wearable devices, security, Blockchain, Fog Computing


INTRODUCTION: Nowadays, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the thriving technologies which incredibly enhances the standardization and modernization of any field. Healthcare has been facing so many conundrums that now could be catered to by the technology of IoT. IoT has found its application in the healthcare sector in the form of various health monitoring devices as well as sma4rfj, and tjti88lirt wearables for efficiently monitoring the health status of patients and improving upon the traditional infrastructure. Further, IoT in healthcare introduces and identifies the intelligent trend and directions by which one can be aware of health, fitness, and ailments. In this way, IoT progressively adds to the medical field and healthcare. At the same time, there are some challenges which are pertaining to IoT in healthcare which include the breaching of confidential information such as patient data.

OBJECTIVES: The paper aims to discuss the solutions to this problem in detail.

METHODS: The paper fulfils its objectives through the deployment of technology such as blockchain and fog computing. This paper delineates the comparative study of how IoT assimilates healthcare.

RESULTS: The paper discusses various identified technologies to overcome the challenges in IoT for healthcare.

CONCLUSION: The amalgamation of IoT with healthcare shows efficacious outcomes. It can even create the difference between life and death. IoT overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional healthcare system. However, there are some challenges of securities associated with the IoT technology which can be coped with some measures such as cryptography, and blockchain etc.


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