Security in Mobile Network: Issues, Challenges and Solutions




mobile attacks, mobile security, data privacy, mobile applications, malware attacks


INTRODUCTION: Mobile devices are integrated into daily activities of people's life. Compared to desktop computers the growth of mobile devices is tremendous in recent years. The growth of mobile devices opens vast scope for attackers on these devices.

OBJECTIVES: This paper presents a deep study of different types of security risks involved in mobile devices and mobile applications. 

METHODS: In this paper we study various mechanisms of security risks for the mobile devices and their applications. We also study how to prevent these security risks in mobile devices.

RESULTS: Various solutions are provided in paper through which operators can protect the security and privacy of user data and keep their customers' trust by implementing these procedures.

CONCLUSION: This paper concludes with their solutions for providing a secure mobile network. This paper is structured as follows. Section 2 contains related work. Section 3 describes security problems. Section 4 discusses defensive methods and Section 5 gives the conclusion.


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