Interdisciplinary Approaches: Fog/Cloud Computing and IoT for AI and Robotics Integration




Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things., Cloud Computing, Fog Computing


Fog/Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things have created intriguing opportunities for AI and robotics integration. This study examines interdisciplinary approaches that combine FCC, IoT, AI, and Robotics to construct sophisticated autonomous systems. These integrated systems may efficiently and intelligently conduct complicated tasks by using edge devices and cloud resources. Communication protocols, data management, security, and interoperability are studied in this interdisciplinary environment. Real-world case studies demonstrate the practicality and benefits of this integration. This study shows how interdisciplinary approaches will change AI and robotics integration. In conclusion, the intersection of Fog/Cloud Computing, IoT, AI, and Robotics is influencing autonomous systems. Edge devices and the cloud enable robots to become intelligent, adaptable, and essential parts of many industries. This research encourages researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to collaborate on innovation and widespread adoption of disruptive technologies. Interdisciplinary techniques are essential to maximizing AI and robotics integration and launching a new era of intelligent automation


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