Improved Hybrid Preprocessing Technique for Effective Segmentation of Wheat Canopies in Chlorophyll Fluorescence Images




Wheat Canopy, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Denoising, Enhancement, Segmentation


Precision agriculture heavily relies on accurately segmenting wheat canopies from chlorophyll fluorescence (CHF) images. However, these images often face challenges due to inherent noise and illumination variations, primarily induced by the thermal activity of photons emitting a fluorescence effect. The unique nature of fluorescence introduces variations in illumination, especially during the crop's dark adaptation before experimentation. This adaptation aims to capture the full fluorescence effect, starting from minimum fluorescence and progressing to maximum fluorescence. In the initial stages of fluorescence, images tend to appear darker compared to those progressing towards maximum fluorescence. This variability necessitates the development of a sophisticated hybrid approach to eliminate noise and enhance contrast collaboratively, maximizing the benefits derived from CHF images. This paper introduces a novel hybrid preprocessing approach designed to address these challenges. The proposed method integrates five denoising techniques, namely Discrete Cosine Transform, Block Matching-3D, Low-Rank Matrix Approximation, Wiener Filtering, and Median Filtering, to mitigate the impact of noise in CHF images. Simultaneously, two enhancement techniques, Adaptive Histogram Specification and Gamma Correction, are employed to accentuate critical features, compensating for inherent variations in illumination during the fluorescence process. The hybrid preprocessing technique was proposed after analysing different combinations of denoising and enhancement techniques. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis of the results, it was observed that Block Matching-3D denoising with Gamma Correction produced the best output, with an Average PSNR of 0.54 and Average MSE of 0.07. This cascaded approach not only emphasizes noise reduction but also prioritizes the enhancement of crucial information within CHF images. By synergistically combining denoising and enhancement methods, the proposed approach optimizes the overall quality of the images, laying a foundation for improved wheat canopy segmentation. This research contributes a comprehensive and innovative solution to the challenges associated with CHF images in precision agriculture. The proposed hybrid approach holds promise for advancing the accuracy and reliability of wheat canopy segmentation, thereby enhancing the efficacy of precision agricultural practices.



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