Design and Implementation of Amharic-based IDE with High-Level Programming Language


  • Fitsum Gizachew Wachemo University



Amharic Programming language, Damat, SABA


INTRODUCTION: Programming languages enable us to communicate with our machines in a human-like way through computer code. Many programming languages have been developed; however, the majority of them do not have an Amharic development environment. This resulted in a Limited capacity of finding our solutions for our problems based on the context of where we are in the world and lack of technological innovation in the Amharic Language.

OBJECTIVES: the main goal of this study is to create an easy-to-use high-level Amharic programming language, as well as a special compiler Environment for the language.

METHODS: To develop the Amharic-based compiler development environment (IDE), we have used the compiler developments environment principles by modifying existing algorithms for the language. In this study, we conducted a new Amharic programming language environment called SABA, as well as a special Amharic interfaced compiler DAMAT.

RESULTS: We discovered that the study support those who wanted to learn programming languages in their local language, and educational institutions found it better to teach and learn. Last, the study contributes to global technological advancement.

CONCLUSION: The study illustrates the possibilities of constructing a programming language environment using native language by developing a prototype, further additional keywords, and grammar will enhance the study.




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