OBE: Perception of Computer Science Learners and Teachers in online learning during COVID-19





online learning, OBE, Computer Science, Course Outcomes, Programme Outcomes, iOBE


Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is the most prominent method for teachers to improve student learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, achieving OBE in an online learning environment is a challenging task for teachers. In India, the ability to implement OBE with limited online resources is crucial. Major online learning platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are preferred by many universities. The goal of this paper is to analyze the results of OBE implementation during COVID-19 lockdown.

OBJECTIVES: In lockdown difficult implement OBE, educational institutions has no maintenance cost, but it impacts various health conditions of learners and teachers. In online learning, the maximum workload of teachers and learners are spending with electric gadgets that affect the physical body, vital body, and mental body. Computer science students utilize online learning tools adopted through online platforms.

METHODS: We introduced a new Teaching-Learning (T-L) pedagogy for students and teachers who adopted the online T-L process, the new pedagogy is aimed at providing an algorithmic approach to implementing OBE in an online learning environment. It is an effective methodology on Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) and Course Outcome (CO) mapping functionality.

RESULTS: It described the online T-L platform achieved through the OBE had been proved on MATLAB software, the Course Outcomes (CO) and the Program Outcomes (PO) attainment through integrated OBE (iOBE) software. The survey of three institutions is recommended 90% (percentage obtained by the learners’ positive rate subtracted with negative rate divides by total number of learners) positive rate of the learners and they recommended through online T-L Methodology.

CONCLUSION: The survey responses have shown how an online learning environment has provided more flexibility to computer science students. The three institutions survey also demonstrated how online learning is an effective T-L platform. The attainment of CO-PO mapping has been updated from time to time by using iOBE5.2 software, as per the given methodology more than 85% of learners agreed through the online T-L tool is an effective and the demand computer science education increased during the COVID-19 lockdown.




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