Toward anticipatory ubimus




anticipatory ubimus, semantics, creative surrogates, dialogics


This paper explores the emerging initiatives in ubiquitous music research that employ anticipatory systems. We provide a short introduction to the ubimus field, highlighting the differences with other technologically based approaches to music making. One of the objectives of ubimus research is to expand the range of the stakeholders that participate in creative music making. This is achieved through the development of metaphors for creative action by means of sociotechnical systems that target creativity, including ecologically based creative practices, interaction aesthetics, computational thinking and dialogics applied to music. Another objective entails a push for new forms of music making through the reappropriation of extant technologies or through the design and deployment of new behavioral, material or social resources tailored for ubiquitous music ecologies. Nevertheless, so far, few projects have considered the future creative actions as an object of research. This is the aim of anticipatory ubiquitous music.




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Keller D, Simurra I, Messina M. Toward anticipatory ubimus. EAI Endorsed Trans Creat Tech [Internet]. 2020 May 21 [cited 2024 Apr. 18];7(24):e4. Available from:

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