Making Future-Ready Students with Design and the Internet of Things


  • J. Hughes Ontario Tech University
  • J. A. Robb Ontario Tech University
  • M. Lam Ontario Tech University



Design thinking, Inquiry, Internet of Things (IoT), Makerspaces, Constructionism, Passion-based learning


INTRODUCTION: IoT will transform our future in unimaginable ways. The necessity for young people to understand and design with IoT seems unequivocal but there is currently limited integration in K-12 education.

OBJECTIVES: To investigate these gaps in research and practice, this study aimed to explore the design processes and understandings of IoT that emerge when youth design an IoT passion project within a constructionist context.

METHODS: A mixed methods multiple case study design was employed, analyzing questionnaires, interviews, recordings, and participant artifacts.

RESULTS: Factors contributing to a successful design included guided inquiry, detailed plans, access to support, and perseverance. Participants also experienced gains in IoT skills and knowledge.

CONCLUSION: Design and making with IoT through passion-based, guided inquiry appeared to facilitate the development of valuable knowledge and skills. Further research is needed to explore implementations in formal education.




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