Staging Location-Based Virtual Reality to Improve Immersive Experiences




virtual reality, exhibition, (semi-)public space, museum, staging, bystander, head-mounted display


Location-based virtual reality (LBVR) is promising to offer the full potential of virtual reality (VR) because it is not completely virtual, as in space independent VR, which usually relies on a head-worn display and hand-held controllers only. Therefore, LBVR can include and arrange the physical surrounding according to a particular application or include parameters, such as objects or light conditions, of the physical surrounding into the virtual environment. While LBVR is drawing a lot of attention in the creative industry and a lot of LBVR-installations are already entertaining millions of users, not much research has been employed in this direction. In this work, we offer an overview containing relevant challenges and accompanying solutions that need to be considered in an LBVR-installation.




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Wölfel M, Hepperle D, Siess A, Deuchler J. Staging Location-Based Virtual Reality to Improve Immersive Experiences. EAI Endorsed Trans Creat Tech [Internet]. 2019 Oct. 28 [cited 2024 Apr. 18];6(21):e5. Available from: