An Epic Technique For Learning Outcome Assessment In OBE Through Bloom’s Taxonomy




Bloom’s taxonomy, Outcome based education, Cognitive Domain, IICT students’ assessment


OBE importance are now increasing to make Engineering graduates globally acceptable. OBE roots towards the goal and objective of education, from OBE it is expected from students that after graduation they will achieve the goal of that OBE based education. Now-a-days OBE is a hot topic for every teachers and regulators because they want future best engineers for industries. This has led to change in teaching methodologies. A valuable methodology is Blooms Taxonomy which portrays the zone of learning, Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. Now-a-days web based educating picking up prevalence. In this moment, universities, guidance controllers and educators are locked in with much talk on the most ideal approach to good arrangement engineers for future jobs and live hood in the business. This has prompted the improvement of numerous methodologies of instructing philosophies to all the more likely bestow hypothetical and down to earth learning to understudies to outfit them with abilities for their future. A prominent methodology in such manner is the utilization of Blooms Taxonomy which depicts the region of learning, Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. The Cognitive zone that worries the acknowledgment of data, aptitudes and ideas for the improvement of information and capacities, the Affective area which manages the enthusiastic development and emotions and the Psychomotor space which keeps an eye on the advancement of physical abilities. The utilization of online instruments to encourage courses in different controls has picked up ubiquity in the previous decade. This paper investigates the COs (Course Outcomes) and its centrality in the evaluation of POs (Program Outcomes) and PEO (Program Educational Objectives).




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