Virtual Communication Training for the Law Enforcement Domain


  • Charlotte Gerritsen Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement image/svg+xml
  • Tibor Bosse Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam image/svg+xml



serious gaming, virtual characters, communication training


Serious games are increasingly being used for training of social skills. The main idea is to create a virtual environment in which a trainee can interact with graphically embodied virtual characters. By designing scenarios in such way that the character’s behaviour provides direct feedback on the correctness of the trainee’s choices, an interactive learning experience is created. This paper explores the potential of this approach in the domain of law enforcement. A prototype has been developed of a serious game that enables police academy students to train their communicative skills. A pilot study with 41 students has been conducted. The results show that this is a promising instrument for education in this domain, but also point out several suggestions for improvement.




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