Artificial Intelligence in Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems




Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Technology-mediated framework, Data-driven modeling, Adaptive Control of Complex Systems


This article introduces artificial intelligence techniques in mathematical modelling of complex systems and their applications. Mathematical modelling of complex systems is a method of studying the structure and behaviour of complex systems, aiming to understand interactions and nonlinear effects in the system. Commonly used modelling methods include system dynamics, network theory, and algebraic methods. Artificial intelligence technologies include machine learning and deep learning, which can be used for tasks such as prediction and classification, anomaly detection, optimization and decision-making. In mathematical modelling of complex systems, artificial intelligence technology can learn system patterns and laws from large amounts of data, and can be applied to image and speech recognition, time series analysis and other fields. Deep learning and machine learning are important branches of artificial intelligence. They realize the modelling and analysis of complex systems by building neural network models. Data-driven modelling is a modelling method based on actual data that, combined with traditional theoretical modelling, can better describe and predict the behaviour of complex systems. Self-control of complex systems means that the system realizes its own optimization and adjustment through adaptive control algorithms and feedback mechanisms. In summary, artificial intelligence technology has broad application prospects in mathematical modelling of complex systems and will provide new tools and methods for in-depth understanding and solving problems in complex systems.


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