Power Quality Improvement using Parallel Connected FACTS Device with Simplified d-q Control


  • N. Rajesh Research Scholar, EEE Department, JNTUK Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh- India- 533003
  • M. Venu Gopala Rao Professor, EEE Department, PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh- India- 520007
  • R. Srinivasa Rao Professor, EEE Department, JNTUK Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh- India- 533003




FACTS, APF, Parallel APF, d-q theory, harmonics


INTRODUCTION: Distribution network is mainly affected by the end user load nature. Ruinous influence on power system operation based on the type of load used by the end user and due to the presence of non-linear loads causes Harmonics in power system. The concept of reducing the harmful effect of harmonics on power system attracted the research attentiveness.

OBJECTIVES: To reduce these harmonics and reactive power problems FACTS devices are found reliable. Out of various FACTS devices, Active Power Filter (APF) is one FACTS device which identifies and controls the harmonic contamination in power system with non-linear loads. This work mainly presents a parallel APF concept for the compensation of harmonics to improve the reliability of the system.

METHODS: The main contribution of this work is proposal of single control strategy for compensation of Power quality. Corrective back currents (for parallel APF) to compensate the identified harmonics are generated using modified d-q reference-based control methodology.

RESULTS: The models are developed, and analysis is presented using MATLAB/SIMULINK software

CONCLUSION: d-q reference theory control strategy is explained in detail. Load current, Source Voltage and DC link voltage which are measured using various sensors and send to processor. modified d-q reference the signals to be measured are same


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