Seven Level Symmetric Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter for Solar Photovoltaic System




Cascaded H-Bridge (CHB) Inverte, Multilevel Inverter (MLI), Bidirectional Switches, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Fuzzy Controller, Non-Conventional Energy


Among different types of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Solar Power has become highly prominent with exhausting suitable to innovation in Power Electronic Systems. The primary intention of the advised performance must limit the number of switches to enhance the output waveforms with a preferred harmonic profile. This topology moderates the estimate about switches, isolated DC origin, expenditure, and intensity of the circuit substantially as correlated to other topologies. The proposed method uses the MPPT approach to exploit the maximum energy from solar photovoltaic to load entirely. The Proposed method provides almost sinusoidal output waveforms by developing a few power switches. The SPV arrangement was simulated and constitution through SPV arrays, a DC-DC buck converter, and a sliding mode MPPT regulation. Based on the cascaded H-Bridge multilevel converters, The strong constraint enforced confined DC voltage sources considering separately Cascaded H-Bridge. This constitution converter worth along with diminishing the constancy based on the system. The system gives boosting voltages with improves the harmonic profile. Performance of the arrangement demonstrated in MATLAB SIMULINK as well as PROTEUS. 


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