Energy efficiency management according to ISO 50001: A case study in the brick industry




Energy efficiency management, ISO 50001, energy performance, energy consumption improvement


This research presents the methodology and results of implementing energy efficiency management in the brick industry, given the problem of high electricity consumption in the production processes. Based on the ISO 50001 standard, energy efficiency management has as its structure the PHVA methodology of the Deming cycle and indicators that meet the standard's requirements. Energy consumption in tons of bricks produced is established as an indicator, allowing proposals for improving performance and efficient energy use, as well as implementing a management system, minimizing energy waste, and implementing engineering tools in the processes. Energy consumption data were collected before and after implementation, these data were analyzed, and the decrease in monthly electricity consumption was verified through a pre-test conducted at the beginning of the research, recording parameters of 543,800 kWh. After implementation, a post-test was conducted, recording parameters of 500,296 kWh, resulting in a saving of 43,504 kWh; in monetary units, the saving is S/18,067.21 for each month of production. Obtaining an annual decrease of 522,048 kWh, represented in monetary units S/216,806.53 (US$ 59,891.30 exchange rate S/3.62). Therefore, it is proven that implementing the methodology is feasible through the management of energy efficiency based on ISO 50001 and contributes strategically to the brick industry by increasing the efficiency associated with the reduction of 8% monthly electricity consumption.


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