International Gateway Hub Construction and Air Logistics Industry Development Based on Multivariate Strategy Improvement Grey Wolf Algorithm




grey wolf algorithm, air logistics, multiple strategy improvement, international gateway hub construction


INTRODUCTION: The global economic development pattern is changing, international economic and trade rules are being questioned, the global economy is not optimistic in the post-epidemic era, and it is more difficult to find growth points.

OBJECTIVES: How to achieve economic growth has become a more complex global issue. China, as the world's second largest economy and the world's second largest consumer market, is also a key issue to be addressed: how to promote a strong economic recovery and maintain a high level of public confidence in the state of our economy. The aviation industry chain plays a relatively good role in achieving supply stability as well as industry chain stability, and has a strong positive effect on the domestic and foreign double-cycle strategy. Shenzhen, as a window of China's opening up, has policies, resources and places to promote the development of aviation logistics industry.

METHODS: Information is obtained through literature review and fieldwork. Through the history of the development of aviation industry, the history of aviation logistics development and the current situation of the construction of China's aviation logistics are deeply reviewed and sorted out.

RESULTS: The specific path to be taken for the development of aviation industry, aviation logistics development and air express and related industries is explained. It also makes a long-term plan for the subsequent development of aviation industry, aviation logistics and air express development of Shenzhen airport, and analyzes the related objectives, and finally uses the relevant theoretical knowledge to make a relevant outlook on aviation industry, aviation logistics and aviation industry development, and summarizes the experience of aviation logistics company development. Combined with the construction of Shenzhen domestic airport, the relevant design concept is proposed.

CONCLUSION: Through the analysis of different routes, we finally found that the air logistics business of Shenzhen airport should take the road of synergistic development. In this way, the air logistics of Shenzhen airport should be built around five implementation points and six guarantee points in order to achieve a high-quality development in line with the new era.


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