Application of Robot Automation Technology Based on Machine Assisted and Artificial Intelligence in Distribution Network Overhead Line Engineering


  • Binbin Han Tianjin Tianshi College
  • Zhenyun Chang Tianjin Tianshi College
  • Zhanghong Hao Tianjin Tianshi College
  • Fang Feng Tianjin Tianshi College



artificial intelligence, machine-assisted, automation technology, distribution network overhead line engineering


INTRODUCTION: The development of artificial intelligence technology in the context of the intelligent era shows vigorous vigor and vitality, and artificial intelligence fusion of robotic automation technology can assist manpower to complete all kinds of difficult operations, distribution network overhead line as the current power transmission lines equipped with the main way for domestic power transmission and regional power safety is of great significance.

OBJECTIVES: In order to reduce the labor intensity of operators, reduce the occurrence of power outages, and ensure the reliability of power supply, we discuss the application of robotic automation technology of machine-assisted and artificial intelligence in the distribution network overhead line project.

METHODS: Distribution network with power operation intelligent robot will grid lines in the wave speed information through the sensor transmission to the computer system, the computer system will grid lines in the wave speed converted to the wave speed of the overhead line, can be mixed lines in the wave speed inconsistent problem to provide a good solution.

RESULTS: At the scene of the work, the artificial intelligence distribution network power-carrying operation robot integrating artificial intelligence technology has a good application effect for the wiring in the distribution network overhead line project.

CONCLUSION: Robot automation technology incorporates the advantages of artificial intelligence, can rely on sensor systems and computer systems to perceive and identify things, and can autonomously control their own behavior, automated processing of complex actions, with a certain degree of perception, planning and collaborative ability, can be applied to the distribution network overhead line project.


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