Optimization and application of artificial intelligence in robotic automated distribution network overhead line engineering





Artificial intelligence, robotics, automated distribution network, overhead line engineering optimization and application


INTRODUCTION: Artificial intelligence is a product of high-end technological development since the 21st century, which has subverted people's traditional cognition in many aspects and greatly enriched and improved people's lives. Artificial intelligence has covered every aspect of life, and the distribution network overhead line project is also one of them. The combination of the two symbolizes the combination of modern technology and infrastructure construction, which is of great significance for modern economic and social development and transformation and upgrading.

OBJECTIVES: In order to solve the practical problems in the design of artificial intelligence and distribution network overhead line engineering, this paper focuses on the practical use of such artificial intelligence as robots in distribution network overhead line engineering.

METHODS: The models of spatial perception, target recognition and automatic calculation are established, and some key technical problems of robots put into actual engineering are simulated and calculated.

RESULTS: In the spatial perception model, the combination of robotic arm and laser device is utilized to solve the problem of direct sunlight, which affects the localization. In the target recognition model, combining the algorithms of minimum spanning tree and maximum critical path, the computational accuracy is improved to 1 mm. in the automatic computation model, the introduction of auxiliary lines and the secondary confirmation of manpower make the error of the work further reduced.

CONCLUSION: This paper's simulation algorithm for the reality of the distribution network overhead line project provides a more detailed solution to improve the technical content of the distribution network overhead line project and the quality of construction management is not a simple task, the need for the relevant distribution network overhead line project enterprises as well as the corresponding distribution network overhead line project personnel to take targeted measures.


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