Similarity-Based Algorithm for Urban Street Refinement Design Model Extraction Research


  • Lei Song School of Design, Shandong University of Arts, Jinan 250300, Shandong, China image/svg+xml



similarity algorithm, city, street space, refinement design


INTRODUCTION: The function of many public street spaces in Chinese cities is declining, but urban street space is essential in cities. How to enhance the street's fireworks and reshape the street's rich living atmosphere is worthy of further research and discussion.

OBJECTIVES: Based on the similarity algorithm urban street enhancement-related theories, paper summarizes the current problems of urban street space in China, researches the corresponding enhancement strategies according to the issues, and makes a strategic research and summary on the relationship between the interfaces of the scope of the visual field and the human behavior, as well as the relationship between the pedestrian and the vehicular traffic.

METHODS: An in-depth study after defining the concept, summarizing the idea and extracting the urban street refinement design model using the similarity algorithm.

RESULTS: The new urban street refinement design model can improve the psychological satisfaction of people walking in the application; the street space design model of the walking experience will also use the algorithm to simulate the joy; lastly, a recommended optimization technique is presented for the construction of a humanized street scale and other related factors.

CONCLUSION: The study of urban street space is a refined design strategy for the improvement of the urban landscape; the growth of the happiness index of urban residents is of great significance and, at the same time, for the enhancement of China's modernization level, improve the human habitat environment are of great importance, and should pay attention to the urban street refinement design.


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