State-of-the-art review on energy management systems, challenges and top trends of renewable energy based microgrids


  • Yefan Wu State Grid Zhangye Electric Power Supply Company
  • JinZhu Cui State Grid Zhangye Electric Power Supply Company
  • Caiyan Liu State Grid Zhangye Electric Power Supply Company



Renewable energy resource, Microgrid, Energy storage systems, distributed energy source, Energy Management System


Due to the increasing demand for electrical energy worldwide and environmental concerns, modern power systems are looking for a fundamental change. These changes include reducing dependence on the primary electricity grid and using renewable energy sources on a large scale. The emergence of microgrids in electrical energy systems will improve the level of these systems due to technical, economic, and environmental benefits. In this research work, the authors have conducted extensive studies on control methods, types of power sources, and the size of microgrids and analyzed them in tabular form. In addition, the review of communication technologies and standards in microgrids, as well as the review of microgrid energy management systems to optimize the efficiency of microgrids, is one of the main goals of the authors in this article. Also, in this article, the top 10 trends of microgrids in 2023 have been examined to increase the flexibility of network infrastructure, which helps readers to improve their strategic decisions by providing an overview of emerging technologies in the energy industry.


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