The Advancement of Electronic Gadgets in 21st Century




Curved Displays, Foldable Phones, Gorilla Glass, User Interface, UI, User Experience, UX, Operating System, OS, Organic Light Emitting Diode, OLED, Liquid Crystal Display, LSD


The 21st Century was full of innovation when it came to the Tech Sector alone, be it the introduction of the Iphone, or the launch of the big conglomerates such as Facebook and Twitter. The 21st Century gave rise to the concepts of the Curved Displays on phones and the Foldable phones. There were numerous problems which were associated with the flat screen displays, and the shortcomings have been overcome by the Curved Displays and the Foldable phones as discussed in the paper. They have revolutionized the Technological market since their launch. Many Conglomerates such as Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi have invested millions of dollars in availing this new technology. However, currently Samsung has the lead over all its Chinese competitors, and with different companies investing in the new technology, the competition is predicted to become more intense. This will surely give customers a huge variety of phones to choose from. However, this technology did not come without its drawbacks. There were multiple issues associated with the Foldable Phones such as the weight associated with the phone when folded, the tensile strength of the Foldable phones is very low, and the User Interface is not something one could get excited about. Similar issues existed with Curved Displays as well, including costly repair costs, and it is harder to get a grip on compared to the Foldable phones due to the thinning of the edges. The paper discusses in depth the shortcomings of all the types of Phones, as well as which would be the best fit for the user, along with the current trend of the users, and what the Future holds for this segment of Technology.


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