Analysis of Factors Influencing Successful Implementation of ODA Projects for Rural Development: The Case of Kyrgyzstan




Kyrgyzstan ODA, ODA implementation strategy, field manager, decision tree analysis, GNI, KOICA


This paper aims to identify factors that influence the successful implementation of ODA rural development projects for developing countries. To this end, it has analysed the implementation process of a project, ‘The Integrated Rural Development Project in Kyrgyz Republic’, currently being carried out in Kyrgyzstan via Good Neighbors International (GNI) with support from KOICA (Korean International Cooperation Agency). The analysis method employed in this study is decision tree analysis. By means of a review of previous studies on the implementation of ODA projects, variables that are believed to have an impact on the successful implementation of ODA rural development projects were derived. The values of each variable for thirty villages in Kyrgyzstan were derived and used as independent variables, and decision tree analysis was performed using the overall execution performance score for each village as the dependent variable. As a result, it was found that co-operation between field managers active at the project site and village residents was the most important determining factor of success.


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