Indian Green Hydrogen Framework: An Assessment




green hydrogen, renewable energy, green hydrogen mission


INTRODUCTION: India, with its diverse energy needs, is at a crucial point, looking to adopt greener energy options for sustainable future; wherein green hydrogen is emerging as a key player, fitting well with India's renewable energy goals.

OBJECTIVES: In this backdrop, this research paper dives into the world of green hydrogen, India's renewable energy regime, and the latest green hydrogen initiatives. The paper highlights how green hydrogen works hand-in-hand with India's broader renewable energy plans, including private public partnerships. The paper also looks at the overview, challenges and future prospects of the green hydrogen framework of India.

METHODS: The methodology used in this paper is based on comprehensive analysis of legal documents, statutes and case law, focusing on a systematic examination of judicial decisions and legal principles.

RESULTS: The research concludes that green hydrogen holds significant promise for India's energy future, effectively complementing its renewable energy strategies and offering viable solutions to climate change challenges, thereby supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, the research paper ends on a hopeful note, suggesting that green hydrogen could be a vital tool in addressing climate change and play a significant role in India's renewable energy regime, aiding in the achievement of SDG7.


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