Real-Time Co-Simulation for the Analysis of Cyber Attacks Impact on Distance Relay Backup Protection




Real-time co-simulation, Distance relay backup protection, Cyber-physical systems, Cyber attacks


Smart Grid is a cyber-physical system that incorporates Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into the physical power system, which introduces vulnerabilities to the grid and opens the door to cyber attacks. Wide area protection is one of the most important smart grid applications that aims at protecting the power system against faults and disturbances, which makes it an attractive target to cyber attacks, aiming at compromising the reliability of the power system. Understanding the interaction between the cyber and physical components of the smart grid and analyzing the damage that cyber-attacks can do to wide area protection is very important as it helps in developing effective mitigation approaches. This paper evaluates the impact of cyber attacks on a wide area distance relay backup protection scheme in real-time, through the development of a co-simulation platform based on Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) and network simulator 3 (NS3) and using the IEEE-14 bus power system model.


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Rtds-simulator-overview. 8501418280855-RTDS-Simulator-Overview

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