Modelling and Simulation of Grid Connected Wind Turbine Induction Generator for Windfarm




Wind turbine generator, Induction Generator, DFIG wind turbine, Wind farm


As the power generation sector moving towards the sustainability to achieve clean and renewable energy source, the wind power generation plays a vital role due to its abundance in nature. A big chunk of the decrease in carbon emission is a major attribute to the growth of the wind energy sector. Wind turbine production, structural development, logistics, maintenance and R&D are just some of the areas that could benefit from the growth of the wind energy industry. This brought out the attention of researchers of the electrical engineering to focus on wind power generation.  It can be more efficient and cost-effective to operate wind turbines as a wind farm rather than individually. This has led to a surge in the construction of wind farms, both onshore and offshore wind farms. Therefore, in this paper, the study and analyse of single Induction generator with wind turbines and 33MW windfarm performance is presented. The simulation result demonstrates the efficiency of DFIG in producing energy at a constant wind speed, as well as its ability to regulate both active and reactive power at steady-state.


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