Design and Application of Global Energy Trade Cross Border E-commerce Optimization Model


  • Jianing Shan Jiaxing Vocational Technical College, Jiaxing 314036, Zhejiang, China



energy trade, cross-border e-commerce, international logistics, network optimization


INTRODUCTION: With the continuous advancement of global economic integration, cross-border energy trade activities internationally are becoming increasingly frequent.

OBJECTIVES: To improve the efficiency of energy trade, this study is devoted to exploring the optimization model of cross-border e-commerce in global energy trade. Introducing advanced information technology and e-commerce platforms aims to facilitate the digital transformation of energy trade, improve transaction efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainable energy development.

METHODS: This study adopts a comprehensive methodology, including a literature review, case analysis, and model construction. First, relevant literature on global energy trade and cross-border e-commerce was thoroughly studied to understand the current development status and existing problems. Second, the successful experiences and challenges of cross-border e-commerce in enhancing the efficiency of energy trade are summarized through the analysis of several international cases. Finally, a set of optimization models that comprehensively consider market demand, technical conditions, and policy environment are constructed to guide the development of cross-border e-commerce in global energy trade. RESULTS: The empirical analysis of the optimization model reveals that cross-border e-commerce has significant potential in international energy trade. The model can effectively improve transaction efficiency, reduce the risk of information asymmetry, and promote the balanced development of the global energy market. It is also observed that digital transformation significantly affects the promotion of sustainable energy, providing a more sustainable path for global energy transition.

CONCLUSION: By establishing a cross-border e-commerce optimization model for international energy trade, this study provides substantial theoretical and empirical support for promoting the digital transformation of energy trade. In the future, governments, enterprises, and international organizations can draw on the conclusions of this study to formulate relevant policies and strategies to promote global energy trade jointly toward a more efficient and sustainable development path.


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