Key players in renewable energy and artificial intelligence research




Renewable energies, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable development, 2030 Agenda, Bibliometric analysis


INTRODUCTION: As countries work on the transition towards renewable energies that comply with the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals, Artificial Intelligence is presented as a tool that is being adopted to promote the generation of renewable energies such as solar or wind power. , given the support it offers to automation, assisted decisions, and production efficiency.

OBJECTIVES: To analyze the key players in renewable energy and artificial intelligence research.

METHODS: The Scopus database is used to obtain the scientific articles for the period 2013-2023, and the Visualization of Similarities program (VOSviewer 1.6.18) is used for data processing and analysis.

RESULTS: An analysis of 822 articles shows that the countries with the highest scientific production are China (148), India (136) and the United States (81). In this regard, it is clear that there is significant collaboration between countries. With regard to the analysis of Co-occurrence - Author Keywords, three clusters are generated. The first cluster, identified with the color red, is related to artificial intelligence management; the second cluster, identified with the color green, is related to artificial intelligence innovation; and the third cluster, identified with the color blue, is related to energy models.

CONCLUSION: Researchers are facing new challenges every day to respond to the irruption of the use of new algorithms in the generation of renewable energies, given the range of available tools such as deep learning or neural networks. Research results have revealed that in recent years, scientific production has understood that AI is not a trend but rather a challenge facing society, industry, countries, or education in order to achieve sustainable development.


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