Driving Innovation and Sustainability: The synergy between Fuel-Cell Hydrogen Vehicles and Smart Mobility


  • Nadia Karina Gamboa-Rosales Autonomous University of Zacatecas image/svg+xml




Fuel cell technology, Sustainability, Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle, Connectivity


INTRODUCTION: To set the stage by highlighting the convergence of hydrogen vehicles and smart mobility as a significant development in transportation. It discusses the potential of hydrogen vehicles powered by fuel cells to address environmental challenges and emphasizes the role of smart mobility initiatives in optimizing transportation systems.

OBJECTIVES: To analyze the main research themes related to fuel-cell hydrogen vehicles and smart mobility, focusing on productivity, impact, and content.

METHODS: Using bibliometric methodologies, techniques and tools, this research analyzes the main research themes, pursuant to its productivity, impact and contents according to the literature available in Scopus. To this end, all the documents related to fuel-cell hydrogen vehicles and smart mobility were retrieved and analyzed (610 publications, with 19,494 cites, from 1992 to 2023) using VOSviewer.

RESULTS: In terms of bibliometric performance, the volume of literature pertaining to research on hydrogen vehicles and smart mobility has exhibited a significant surge in recent years (1992–2023). Given the substantial number of publications and citations garnered in this domain, it is anticipated that interest will continue to escalate, thereby bolstering other knowledge domains such as sustainable development, climate change, fuel cell technologies, connectivity, and beyond.

CONCLUSION: The importance of various factors in the context of hydrogen vehicles and smart mobility cannot be overstated. Sustainable development stands as a guiding principle, ensuring that advancements in transportation align with environmental preservation and societal well-being.


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