Multi-stage Multi-energy Flow Integrated Energy Systems of Electricity, Gas, and Heat Based on Heterogeneous Energy Flow Characteristics




Integrated Energy Systems, Multi-Energy Flow, Multi-Stage, Power Flow Calcultation


INTRODUCTION: The development of integrated energy systems (IES) is of paramount significance in addressing climate change and other challenges. Ensuring the rapid and accurate calculation of energy flow states is crucial for their efficient operation. However, the difference in response time of various heterogeneous energy flows in IES will lead to the inaccuracy of the steady-state model.

OBJECTIVES: This paper proposes a model for multi-stage multi-energy flow IES of electricity, gas, and heat based on heterogeneous energy flow characteristics.

Methods: IES was divided into fast variable networks and slow variable networks, and a multi-energy flow multi-stage model was established.  Suitable models were matched for different subnets at different stages to improve the calculation accuracy.

RESULTS: Selected a practical Electrical-Gas-Heat IES as a case study for simulation. Through case studies, the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed method are demonstrated.

CONCLUSION: The multi-stage model proposed in this paper can improve the accuracy of multi-energy flow in IES.


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