Study on Dynamic Response Characteristics of Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Pitch System




Offshore wind turbines, Simulation test, Vibration suppression, Dynamic characteristics, Reliability


Due to its special working conditions, offshore wind turbine will bear large direct and indirect loads under the combined action of air flow and wave flow. In this paper, a variable pitch system composed of variablepitch motorand variable pitch bearing is improved, and the characteristics of system's bending moment, torque, vibration and other physical quantities under the action of multiple physical loads are verified, and the mechanical response characteristics of floating wind turbine under the control of unified variable pitch and independent variable pitch are studied under the running conditions at sea. The results show that mechanical structure of uniform pitch is compared with that of independent pitch, the independent variable pitch structure can effectively reduce the mean oscillation value of wind turbine tower in the parallel direction of air flow by optimizing control strategy, and reduce the thrust at the hub of wind turbine and the bending moment at the root of tower, but increase the vibration frequency and fatigue load of offshore wind turbine tower along parallel direction of air flow. Reduce the fatigue life of equipment. The research results can be used as a reference to reduce the variable pitch control and vibration suppression of offshore wind turbines and improve the reliability of wind turbines.


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Author Biography

Xin Guan, Shenyang Institute of Engineering

Shenyang Key Laboratory of Refined Comprehensive Utilization and Scheduling Energy Storage of Clean Energy, Shenyang, China


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