Research on the Technical and Economic Development of Large Megawatt Wind Turbines Based on Medium-Voltage Electrical System


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Medium voltage wind power system, Large megawatt wind power, Economic analysis, line losses


INTRODUCTION: With the advent of the "bidding era" and "parity era" in the wind power market, the competition of the whole machine factory is becoming more and more fierce, and the capacity of the single fan is getting larger and larger, which becomes the key to the design of the fan electrical system of the large-capacity unit (5.XMW or more). At present, the low-voltage wind power system (690V,1140V) is the common solution for wind turbines. However, due to the limitation of the cable section of low-voltage electrical system and the increase of the rated current of the generator, the increase of the capacity of a single machine makes more cables from the generator side to the grid, and the cost also increases.

OBJECTIVES: Aiming at the future large megawatt wind power market, the medium voltage Doubly-Fed electrical system solution is proposed  to increase the higher generation and electricity income of wind farms and reduce the manufacturing cost of wind farms.

METHODS: The technology and economy of medium voltage and low voltage electrical system are compared.

RESULTS: With the gradual increase of single capacity, the economy of medium pressure wind power generation system is getting better and better, and the higher the height of the tower, the better the economy. At the same time, the reduction of the rated current of the generator brings about the reduction of line loss and the increase of power generation. The number of cables is greatly reduced, and the construction cost and difficulty of cable laying will be greatly reduced.

CONCLUSION: In response to the technical trend of large-capacity wind turbines in the future, the medium-voltage wind power generation system has a good application prospect, both from the economic and technical point of view.


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