Study on Reactive Power Optimization Including DSSC for New Energy Access to the Power Grid


  • Yuan Hu State Grid Hebei Economic and Technological Research Institute
  • Qiuyan Gao Hebei Jiaotong Vocational and Technical College
  • Peng Wu State Grid Hebei Economic and Technological Research Institute
  • Shuai Zhang State Grid Hebei Economic and Technological Research Institute
  • Yan Li State Grid Hebei Economic and Technological Research Institute
  • Penghui Zhao State Grid Hebei Economic and Technological Research Institute
  • Ming Gao State Grid Hebei Economic and Technological Research Institute
  • Song Qiao Hebei Gas Co. Ltd.



reactive power optimization, new energy, PSO algorithm, distributed static series compensator


The vigorous development of new energy has effectively reduced carbon emissions, but it has also brought fluctuating impacts on the carrying capacity of the power grid. In order to improve the voltage stability after integrating new energy sources and promote the scientific consumption of more new energy, this paper proposes the use of Distributed Static Synchronous Compensator (DSSC) devices for flexible and controllable voltage regulation in new energy integration. An improved particle swarm optimization algorithm is then developed to optimize the reactive power considering the regulation of DSSC. The paper conducts power flow calculations based on the DSSC power injection model and establishes a reactive power optimization mathematical model with objectives of minimizing active power loss, minimizing node voltage deviation, and maximizing voltage stability margin in the grid with new energy integration. The improved particle swarm optimization algorithm is utilized to achieve the reactive power optimization. Experimental simulations are conducted using the IEEE 33-node system to analyze the voltage improvement before and after adopting the improved particle swarm optimization algorithm considering the DSSC device in the grid with new energy integration. It is found that the proposed method effectively reduces active power loss and stabilizes voltage fluctuations, demonstrating its practical value.


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