Energy Aware On-Demand Routing Protocol Scheme of DSR Protocol (EAORP)




Dynamic Source Routing, DSR, Energy Efficient Routing, Mobile Ad Hoc Network, Transmission Power Control


Recently, there has been a need for connectivity in places with no infrastructure. In order to meet this need, new technology known as MANET is used to fulfil the market demand. Despite the many benefits that MANET will provide, a number of shortcomings still need to be further studied, especially the energy consumption problems, that stand in the way of not allowing widespread acceptance of this technology. Because wireless devices use batteries with a finite amount of power, energy efficiency in these networks becomes a concern. In this paper, we present a design of energy aware on-demand routing protocol (EAORP), a new energy efficient algorithm that aims to overcome the shortcomings of DSR and provide a scalable traffic based and energy aware routing algorithm which aims to address energy issues in DSR by making it more aware and sensitive to nodes' energy, traffic loads, and transmission power management.


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