Data network related to an object manufacturing inside of exerted Intelligent System




data flow, information system, Industry 4.0, coding


Most of today’s information systems are not fully integrated. Companies, suppliers, and customers are rarely closely linked. Functions within a chain from the enterprise to the shop floor level are not fully integrated. Even in the engineering itself lacks complete integration - from products to plants to automation. With Industry 4.0, companies, departments, functions, and capabilities will become much more cohesive, as cross-company, universal data-integration networks evolve and enable truly automated value chains. The article deals with specification of data flow related to an object manufacturing inside of information system for Industry 4.0. There are described basic characteristics of both data flow in this paper. An older one, which was used in the past, but it can be found also in current practice, as well as new approach to data flow using STEP NC (a machine tool control language). A reliable information system is one of the necessities to be the data flow in a company continuous. Due to this reason, authors designed software application based on concept Industry 4.0 that should help to improve productivity and labour efficiency in the company. Basic principles of object coding system that are included inside newly developed information system, are elaborated in the next part of the article.


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Monkova, K. ., Monka, P. ., Ungureanu, M. ., Ungureanu, N. ., Gusak, O. ., & Edl, M. . (2019). Data network related to an object manufacturing inside of exerted Intelligent System. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems, 6(18), e5.

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